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Bacchus Wine & Spirits  shares a retail space with Pape Meat Co, established in 1958.  Pape Meat is one of Millbrae’s oldest family run businesses and a valued source for quality meat and seafood in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Led by master butcher Ryan Lawson—resident expert in dry-aged beef—Pape Meat has become the darling of local residents and top Bay Area chefs alike.  Their welcoming, competent staff is always on hand to help you find the perfect cut and offer suggestions on preparation and cooking methods.  

Pape Meat Co. also offers in-house prep, take-home rubs and marinades, and ready-made dishes (especially the rack of lamb, which has a devout cult following).  And their dry-aged beef selection is one of the largest on the West Coast.  

At Bacchus, we’re proud to share a space with Pape’s Meat Co.  And we do our best to select premium wine and spirits to compliment the exceptional meat and seafood on display across the aisle.